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Membership provides you with full benefits and privileges including the ability to vote at the Annual General Meeting (except male identifying members). 

For individuals who are not in screen-related industries, and men working in any capacity in the screen industry. Friends of WIFT Alberta do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

18+ students enrolled in full time studies in a related field of film and television.

Existing member renewing membership.

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WIFTA Membership

WIFT Alberta is dedicated to achieving authentic equity, diversity and inclusion in our organization and within Alberta’s media & screen industries.

Our vision is to create an inclusive community that unifies, empowers and advocates for our members in the media & screen industries, at all stages of their careers, and to have our WIFT Alberta community be a positive living example to those industries.

Membership is available to women, femme-identifying, and non-binary people. We are committed to being accessible, as a professional association.