What is WIFTA?

WIFTA is a non-profit organization founded in 1998, that supports and advocates for women and femme-identifying people in Alberta’s media & screen industries. 

Our Vision

To create an inclusive community that unifies, empowers and advocates for those in the media & screen industries, at all stages of their careers, and to have WIFT Alberta be a positive living example to those industries.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and engage members from across Alberta to grow, advance, sustain and celebrate their careers and businesses, by providing networking opportunities, mentorship, information, professional development, fun events and an annual film festival for its members and the public.

Our Values

  • To create a safe and respectful community.
  • To engage and pursue authentic equity, diversity and inclusion.  We believe the industry is stronger with an EDI workforce and on screen, and WIFTA is committed to addressing the industry’s and our own historical shortcomings in this regard.
  • To be inclusive to women and femme-identifying people, regardless of gender.
  • To advocate, represent and be an active voice for our members.
  • To reduce barriers for women’s full participation in the media & screen industries, and achieve true equality.
  • To share knowledge, mentor and create meaningful connections for our membership.
  • To celebrate and promote the work of our members.
  • To remain accessible, as a professional association.

Our History

WIFT Alberta is a chapter of WIFT, an organization that started in 1973 in Los Angeles, California, by a group of women in the film industry who were determined to improve opportunities for women in all key roles, including producers, directors, writers, actors, crew, distributors and all multi-media support roles.  More than 50 chapters now operate worldwide, including 6 in Canada. Every two years, a chapter of WIFT hosts an international summit to further cooperation between women professionals on a global level, and to identify key issues affecting women today.

For more info please visit: https://www.wifti.net

WIFTA’s leadership is committed to recognizing and addressing our own historical shortcomings so that negative behaviours are not supported or continued. We are dedicated to creating and enforcing strict policies that require leadership and members be educated on inclusivity and held accountable for shortcomings.

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