Season 1, Episode 8

Susie Moloney: Literary Scream Queen

Susie has been a writer for decades. She’s penned books like A Dry Spell, The Dwelling, and The 13. Her work focuses on the supernatural, and she’s been dubbed as the Canadian Stephen King.

And now, she takes her pen to the page to create screenplays. She wrote and co-produced the short film the Suburbanight, a film that shows what can happen to a nosey neighbour interrupts a single mom trying to feed her kid.

She’s also the writer behind the award-winning short Romi which tells the story of a recently widowed young woman who’s terrorized by her digital assistant. And this year, she’ll be releasing Bright Hill Road, a story she wrote about an alcoholic on the run who must face her demons at an eerie little inn.

In this episode:

We hear about how Susie got her start as a writer, her advice for aspiring writers, and what her writing process looks like. Then, we hear about the learning process of producing The Suburbanight, what it’s like to watch your character come to life on the screen, and her upcoming production, Bright Hill Road. Next, we hear about some of Susie’s writing themes and fascinations, and the transition of a character from mind to paper. Finally, we hear Susie’s three tips for starting out in the industry.



Executive Producers: Elise Graham, Ava Karvonen, Samantha Quantz, Theresa Wynnyk; Senior Producer: Sheena Rossiter; Associate Producer: Shayna Giles; Host: Sheena Rossiter; Audio Technician: Sheena Rossiter; Social Media Coordinator: Shayna Giles; Original Storylines theme composed by Aaron Macri and Laura Raboud. Produced with support from Alberta’s Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. Special thanks to FAVA for it’s support in this production.

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