Season 1, Episode 13

Tasha Hubbard: Telling Indigenous Stories

Tasha is an award-winning Cree filmmaker. Her documentaries primarily focus on social issues faced by Indigenous people in Canada. In 2004, her first solo project, the documentary Two Worlds Colliding, won a Gemini Award. It looked at starlight tours “a practice where Saskatoon police would abandon Indigenous men in freezing winter condition”.

And Tasha’s most recent film, nîpawistamâsowin: We will Stand Up, tells the tragic story of the Colton Boushie case. It’s been receiving positive reviews and was named the Best Canadian Feature at the 2019 Hot Docs Film Festival where it opened the festival and made its premiere. Most recently, it won the Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary Award at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards.

In this episode:

We hear about how Tasha got her start in the industry, the story behind Two Worlds Colliding, and the impact it had on her career and those around her. Next, we hear about the Colton Boushie case, the storytelling decisions behind nîpawistamâsowin: We will Stand Up, and the premiere of the documentary. After that, Tasha explains her goals and experiences as a filmmaker, the relationships that are developed between filmmakers, and her current projects. Finally, we hear Tasha’s three tips for starting out in the film industry.



Executive Producers: Elise Graham, Ava Karvonen, Samantha Quantz, Theresa Wynnyk; Senior Producer: Sheena Rossiter; Associate Producer: Shayna Giles; Host: Sheena Rossiter; Audio Technician: Sheena Rossiter; Social Media Coordinator: Shayna Giles; Original Storylines theme composed by Aaron Macri and Laura Raboud. Produced with support from Alberta’s Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. Special thanks to FAVA for it’s support in this production.

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