Season 1, Bonus Episode 1

Nauzanin Knight: The Future of Filmmaking with COVID-19

Our world certainly changed last week as the coronavirus spread globally. In the film and television industry, the pandemic brought productions to a screeching halt. The entertainment industry giant Netflix had to shut down its scripted productions. But Netflix has promised US$100 million in relief to help industry workers who are out of a job because of the virus. 

Locally, here in Alberta, the Banff World Media Festival decided to cancel the festival in June this year due to the spread of COVID-19. And, of course, smaller productions have also come to a stop as well. So with all these changes, and in the era of social distancing: what does filmmaking look like?

Storylines’ host Sheena Rossiter speaks with Nauzanin Knight. She is the Executive Producer at 1844 Studios. Her production company is dedicated to telling stories about the diversity of the human experience.

In this episode:

In this bonus episode, we hear from Nauzanin Knight of 1844 Studios about the impacts of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic on the film and television industry, Nauzanin’s current projects, and the #UpliftQuarantine Film Prize.


Details on the #UpliftQuarantine Film Prize


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