WIFTA Newsletter May 3, 2021

CMF releases $18.9M in COVID-19 relief funds



Toronto, April 30, 2021 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is distributing $18.9M in remaining 2020-2021 COVID-19 relief funds it received from the Government of Canada over the past year to Canada’s television and digital media production companies. The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds – Spring 2021-2022 Allocation will provide a top-up to up to roughly 2,000 television and digital media production companies.

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The funding is being made available predominantly to applicants who have previously received Government of Canada COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds from a CMF Allocation and who have received CMF funding through either the Convergent or Experimental streams in the past four years. Funding will also be available to some designated recipients of funding offered by the Indigenous Screen Office.

The CMF’s Program Administrator will be directly notifying all eligible Applicants that they can begin applying for this latest Allocation on May 4 until the application process closes on May 20.

Eligible applicants will each receive an equal amount based on the number of total submitted eligible applications and this amount will be in the form of a non-repayable contribution.

Applicants will have to disclose at application whether they will devote funds to either development costs–with at least 50% of those costs devoted to content creation costs–or health and safety costs related to COVID-19.



Hot Docs Industry Conference 2021

Available FREE April 29 – May 9 2021



Focused on reimagining a more representative and equitable documentary ecosystem, and the role of docs in our quickly evolving world, the 2021 industry conference will take place during Hot Docs Festival, April 2.

As part of Hot Docs’ commitment to accessibility and welcoming new voices, the online industry conference is available FREE from April 29 to May 9. Register for the Conference

To access the Hot Docs Forum, Close Up With… sessions and socials, you need an All-Access Online Pass (indicated by All-Access Pass Required). This paid pass also includes access to the Guide to Decision Makers, The Doc Shop viewing library, virtual networking and more, as well as extended access to the event platform and content until May 31. Register for All-Access






Do you have any existing resources for filmmakers like myself attempting to connect with those who want to uplift others to mental wellness? We have mental wellness films and are creating an event around them. We are looking for resources and audiences who value mental wellness. Wanted to know if you have any thoughts. 




Reinholdt Productions


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