WIFTA Newsletter April 2021

Updates from WIFT Alberta Annual General Meeting


Please join us in welcoming our new board and thanking our outgoing board


Elected For 2 Year Term

Tiffany Cowan

Samantha Quantz

Fami Kaur

Donna Knorren

Jenn Repp


Elected For 1 Year Term

Barb Atamaniuk

Marie-France Guerrette

Carolyn Kennedy


Serving The Final Year of A 2 Year Term

Ava Karvonen

Michelle Graff

Katrina Beatty



33 members participated.  Revisions to the bylaws were passed. A big shout out and thank you to Samantha, Donna and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for their work on the bylaws.  Another shout out to Kathy Fisher for serving as our Elections Official.  The new board will meet on April 18th for the first time.


Alberta Film & TV Tax Credit and Alberta Made Production Grant

On March 26, 2021 the Government of Alberta (GOA)  announced the decision to remove the per-project cap under the Alberta Film and Television Tax Credit (FTTC).  This is great news and we will continue to encourage the GOA to increase the amount of support for projects under $500,000, to have more than two deadlines per year, to increase the amount of support for development, and to have more than one deadline per year as these projects are also an important part of having a healthy screen industry.  We would also like to thank the GOA for providing some assistance to allow WIFT Alberta to continue to deliver programming over the next twelve months.

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